Fixed case wine clubs

  • The original and still most widely used type of wine club
  • Winery selects the products, rebilling dates and delivery frequencies that customers can sign-up to purchase

Custom case wine clubs

  • Customers can accept the default selection or fill their case from an approved range of wines with fixed rebilling dates.
  • Set default amounts or min/max quantities for each wine on the approved wine list.

General Subscriptions

  • Enable subscribe and save options for all products, specific products or MOQ values.
  • Customise delivery frequency options (i.e weekly, monthly, bi-monthly etc).
  • Offer special discounts to club members that wish to subscribe and save to a particular wine they may have tried.

Allocations & en primeur purchasing

  • Offer select customers the chance to reserve rare vintages by creating allocations or en primeur offers that only unlock to certain customers that meet the requirements.
  • Example: Customer has been a wine club member for at least 12 months, spent $500 in the last 6 months and has referred at least one friend.

Member access wine clubs

  • Create member only access to certain benefits based on winery defined requirements  
  • Member lists based on rules such as total spend over time, loyalty over time, number of deliveries per time frame (per quarter / year etc), referral numbers or simply newsletter sign up.
  • Encourage upward tier migration within your customer base by setting up purchase reminders to unlock better benefits.

Loyalty and referral schemes

  • Create referral tokens that customers can use to generate rewards and discounts by recommending friends and family to your wine clubs.

Customer Segmentation

  • Optimise your target marketing efforts by creating customer segments to send to marketing automation platforms like Klaviyo and Mailchimp.

Customer login portal

  • A place where customers can manage their wine clubs, deliveries and subscriptions, upgrade or downgrade memberships, pause or cancel memberships, accept or reject allocations, generate referral tokens to send to friends and family and see their purchase history over time.

Wine specific product data

  • Extend Shopify’s product data with wine specific fields for faster searches and better business reporting.

Email management

  • Create and customise email templates for wine club welcomes, customer orders, wine club reminder actions etc.

Multiply Shopify’s existing analytics tools

  • View wine club and subscription purchases via the Shopify dashboard and blend reporting from ad-hoc sales to get deeper insights into customer behaviour

DTC compliance & tax

  • WineHub integrates with tax compliance products to ensure you are collecting the right amounts of tax and your DTC orders are compliant. AvaTax, Sovos ShipCompliant or Dinks App membership is required for this feature.
Wine Shelf

Built for Shopify,
Designed for wine

Manage your wineclub, subscriptions, CRM, POS and online store by adding the WineHub plugin. Leverage the power of the big guns in eCommerce and pay as you grow.


Manage inventory, clubs, subscriptions and in-cart optimisations with seamless integrations

WineClub & Subscription tools with in-cart upsell

If your site runs on Shopify all you need to do is install the WineHub plugin and select a plan that suits your needs. WineHub fills the nuanced, wine specific gaps that big eCommerce platforms just can’t cater for.

What if I don’t use Shopify?

We can offer custom development services for other platforms, however we recommend that for the best Winehub experience you use it as part of a Shopify installation. If you are interested to hear about our Shopify migration services please get in touch.

Multi-currency subscriptions & multi-lingual access

People want to shop in their own currency and language. Our back-end SKU generation tool lets you set multiple prices based on region or currency and our translation integrations mean converting your entire site into another language is super easy.

Optimised for mobile, tablet and desktop

We want to create memorable experiences for our customers and your customers, and that’s why WineHub looks great, feels super intuitive to use drills down to what it does best. Managing and marketing your inventory from warehouse to website.

Visualised case designer and add-to-cart recommendations

Set minimum and maximum wines for each case, club or subscription type. Let your customers populate each slot using our visual case picker tool.

Case Picker Tool

WineHub eCommerce Key Features

However you run your wine clubs, you can do it with WineHub

  • Fixed case wine clubs
  • Custom case wine clubs
  • General Subscriptions
  • Allocations & en primeur purchasing
  • Member access wine clubs
See Full description

Customer marketing and CRM segmentation

  • Loyalty and referral schemes
  • Customer Segmentation
  • Customer login portal
See Full description

Back-end administration and planning

  • Wine specific product data
  • Email management
  • Multiply Shopify’s existing analytics tools
  • DTC compliance & tax
see Full description

Recommendation engine powered by Shopify

Our powerful recommendation engine lets you make product recommendations pre-cart, in-cart and after purchase to maximise conversion.

Sync online and offline sales channels

Maintain a single SKU database, CRM and WMS using WineHubs built inventory manager that ensures all your purchase points are in sync.

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WineHub Australia
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