Warehouse to Website inventory management with global reach

Seamless eCommerce backed by a fully integrated inventory management tool that brings the benefits of RFID technology to the wine industry


Feature packed with granular reporting and key integrations

A unified SKU manager with global reach

Connect your domestic and international sales channels to WineHub’s inventory manager. Manage shipments and generate reports for everything from stock to sales in a connected ecosystem.

Enomatic to exports: Niche but useful integrations

The wine industry has some very specific requirements. WineHub connects seamlessly with enomatic “wine by the glass” systems, restaurant POS, tasting platforms and a growing number of in-bond warehouses arond the globe.

Connected business systems

No single product can do everything a business needs. WineHub syncs with other essential business services like Xero, Quickbooks, warehouse platforms and all the major eCommerce platforms.

Working collaboratively

We are always adding new partnerships and integrations to WineHub. If your business has a specific requierement that isn’t yet in our feature list we’re always happy to help facilitate custom extensions.

Comprehensive Inventory

  • iOS, Android and Windows compatible stock app for mobile and desktop
  • RFID, Barcode and QR code ready
  • API to sync inventory across all critical platforms
  • Integrated with bonded warehouse systems
  • Import finished goods data from your vineyard management system
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For the beverage industry

  • SKU generation tool with consistent naming protocols
  • Pricing management for wet and dry goods
  • NFC authentication for traceable bottling and provenance management
  • Integration with 3rd party POS systems
  • Built in logistics manager and location transfer systems
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Use barcodes or upgrade to RFID labels & count thousands of cases in minutes

Implement GTIN standard barcodes or upgrade to RFID smart labels and shave hours off your warehouse management and fulfilment tasks.


Scanning speed:
Up to 20,000 items / hour

Scanning average warehouse:
20-30 minutes

Labour cost to count
20,000 items: 600% cheaper than barcode

The digitised supply chain that saves time and money

The barcode has been the cornerstone of how products are catalogued and managed since the 1950’s, but swathes of global supply chains are shifting to a form of ‘wireless barcode’ called Radio Frequency Identification (RFID). These smart labels add significant real-time speed and accuracy gains to inventory management processes.


What is RFID and how is it different from the barcode?

Radio-frequency identification (RFID) is at the core of our innovation strategy, and is transforming the way businesses manage their assets. RFID tags permit the wireless transmission of data using electromagnetic pulses obtained from trackable tags that are attached to inventory. Conforming to global GS1 standards, our RFID protocol encodes each label with a unique digital identifier for real time traceability and analysis of its journey to the consumer.

These tiny labels contain embeddable microchips that can be wirelessly read in bulk (thousands in just minutes) to dramatically reduce stock taking, order fulfilment and warehouse management process times.

Warehouse to Website inventory control

Fully integrated inventory management tools that bring the benefits of RFID rapid stock take technology to the wine industry.

Sync everything in one platform

Perform a complete warehouse stock-take in minutes with RFID labelled cases (requires handheld RFID scanner)

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WineHub Australia
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